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Occupy Tucson

Occupy Tucson tries to halt tickets

Occupy Tucson protesters have filed a complaint in federal court, asking a judge to prevent the city from taking any action to evict them from city parks or issue any more tickets for violating curfew.

Civil rights attorney Paul Gattone filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court on behalf of seven plaintiffs taking part in the national resistance movement, which is protesting the impacts of corporate influence in the political scene.

Some have been arrested multiple times, such as plaintiff Samuel Agger, who has been arrested nearly 30 times, and sometimes three times in a single night, according to the complaint. Others say they’ve had to curtail their political expression to avoid arrest, such as plaintiff Craig Barber, who leaves camp every night before 10:30 p.m. to avoid getting a citation.

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Occupy Picketers

Occupy Tucson pickets bidders

More than two dozen participants of Occupy Tucson left their campground at Veinte de Agosto Park Monday to descend on Pima County Superior Court, where foreclosed homes were being auctioned off.

The chanting and sign-waving demonstration came just hours after the protesters staved off a judge’s order that would have prevented them from returning to the park once they’ve been cited by police.

In a related development, City Councilwoman Regina Romero announced she will ask the council to order the police to stop citing protesters for violating the park curfew and to direct the Parks Department to waive the curfew and any park-use permit fees. The council will hold a closed meeting on the request today.

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Lawyers, Guns and Money

Well before he became an erudite media and commercial lawyer, Phil Higdon spun hits as a high-school disc jockey in Kansas. Beatles, Beach Boys, and The Supremes.

Now Higdon stops the spin–government spin.

Mary Wilson could be the Weekly, the Daily Star or another media diva getting “Nothing But Heartache” from the keep-secrets-secret powers at the Tucson Unified School District, Pima County or the state.

She’d be saved by Higdon and his associates at Brown & Bain, lawyers who understand the media’s role in democracy.

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Leftist Book Store

New leftist bookstore

You know what you’re getting when you step into Revolutionary Grounds Books and Coffee, which opened Saturday at 606 N. Fourth Ave.

This is not the place for the red state, conservative crowd.

Revolutionary Grounds is the brainchild of social justice attorney Paul Gattone and his wife, Joy Soler.

Gattone leans toward Vladimir Lenin and communism and Soler embraces Leon Trotsky and socialism.

They met five years ago, married three years ago, and from the outset, Gattone has had a hankering to open a bookstore and Soler has long dreamed of a cafe. The result is Revolutionary Grounds in the space formerly occupied by Rainbow Planet Coffee House.

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UA engineer vindicated

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) – Forty-year-old Terry Bressi is a pretty smart guy.

He’s an engineer at the University of Arizona and one of his jobs is assessing threats presented to our planet by objects like meteors and comets.  That’s what takes him to Kitt Peak on a regular basis where he maintains the telescopes and monitors the activity in our solar system.

But seven years ago, on his way back to Tucson from Kitt Peak, Bressi was stopped by law enforcement on State Route 86.  This happens to be on the Tohono O’odham reservation and tribal officers told him this was a sobriety checkpoint.

“I was cognizant of what my rights are, if you will, at such checkpoint operations,” Bressi said Wednesday in an exclusive interview with KOLD News 13.  “The courts have provided very limited exceptions to the general rule that to stop people you need some sort of reasonable suspicion.”

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Tucson kidnapping and assault case

Prosecutors Kim Ortiz and Michael Jette told jurors, financial advisor, Joshua Conway was dating former beauty queen Kumari Fulbright in the fall of 2007 when she asked him to sell jewelry given to her by Robert Ergonis, her former fiancé.

The prosecutor told jurors she later lied and told Ergonis that Conway had stolen and sold the jewelry.

Fulbright lured Conway to her apartment on Dec. 8, 2007, and Ergonis and David Radde jumped him while Fulbright was in the shower, the prosecutor said.

Conway testified Ergonis and Radde punched and kicked him and threatened him with guns at Fulbright’s house and at a rental home owned by Ergonis. He told jurors the men stole cash, earrings, and his car keys from him as well.

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