Medical Marijuana

The voters in Arizona chose to allow the use of medically prescribed marijuana for patients of specific diseases. This is a great step forward for many people suffering from serious illnesses and the staff at the Law Firm of Paul Gattone developed the expertise necessary to insure that medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and dispensaries are able to understand the intricacies of state and federal law.


No matter the offense, our lawyers will handle your case from start to finish and will do their best to ensure that your rights are protected and that all defenses are presented on your behalf.  Our lawyers have handled cases in Tucson City Court, Pima County Justice Court, Pima County Juvenile Court, Pima County Superior Court and in the Federal District Court for the District of Arizona.  In addition, our lawyers are experienced appellate counsel and have represented clients in both state and federal appellate courts


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Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Paul has been in Tucson since coming here in 1980 to attend the University of Arizona.  After attending Law School at the University Of Arizona College Of Law, Paul worked for a small time in a criminal defense firm before founding and going to work at the non-profit Southern Arizona People’s Law Center.

Serving the people of Arizona is our mission. We take your civil liberties very seriously and strive to represent you in the best possible way. As a civil rights firm, we are also committed to protecting the rights of people who are discriminated against because of their race, national origin, and/or ethnicity. Unfortunately racial discrimination is still a serious problem in our society and one that should not be ignored.

That all people can and will get the representation they diserve. At the Law Offices of Paul Gattone we work for the people no matter how big or small the case is. We see to it that you feel comfertable and secure in the representation you are reciving.


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